#curling802 is live!

Welcome to the official blog of Rutland Rocks Curling Club! Our Board Secretary, Lauren, has worked super hard on developing our website and social media accounts. (She also keeps us all on task and makes a killer curry chickpea dish!) I have, as a new board member, volunteered (read: was coerced into) helping manage these outreach tools.

 The thing is, I am neither savvy in social media nor a writer. So, I asked a colleague what non-writers should write about on social media. His advice was to, “write what you know.” Well, I have one season under my belt, so don't know a whole lot. So I'm going to do the opposite of the advice and write what I don't know. That means I get to learn and share! So, some things this blog will cover over time  are: being a beginner curler, curling etiquette, curling current  events, The Olympics, curling history,  drinking, curling history and drinking, interviews with club members and drinking, women in curling, curling’s place in the sporting community, sportsmanship, and even possibly product reviews! I know, exciting stuff, right?! 

We at RRCC are excited to grow our local club membership as we grow our social media presence. What a perfect way to fulfill our mission: “The Rutland Rocks Curling Club is dedicated to fostering the spirit and sport of curling in Rutland and the surrounding communities.”

Stay tuned for our first post coming soon!

Good curling!

 -Teri-Anne Walker


Have a great curling topic? Want to contribute your own writing to #curling802? We'd just love to hear from you! Please email rutlandrockscurlingclub@gmail.com and we'll get back to you! Good curling!